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Recovery Stories 

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Recovery is a monumental step for someone with a history of addiction, but the culture of silence remains, even for those who no longer actively use drugs or alcohol. While anonymity serves an important purpose in creating safety for people struggling with substance use, unfortunately, it also contributes to the stigma of addiction. 


If you’re in recovery, you’re in a unique position to speak to others traveling down the same road you’ve been down.

You have a story to tell — and it has the potential to provide great hope to those who hear it.

If you would like to share your story with others please contact RAIL!

The Voices of Recovery


Deanna’s Recovery Story

I started my addiction at 12- 13 years old. In 2019, I got in trouble with the law over drugs. In 2021, I got another charge. I was in and out of jail and kept running away from my problems. I got an offer to be in the drug court and live in the recovery house at RAIL with Anne King-Hudson. This program and the Recovery House have honestly saved my life. The program provided a good structure and helped me to get on the right path for recovery as the mother of 4 year old daughter. I attend about 4 recovery meetings a week and therapy. I have worked a lot on my mental health to get to where I am today.


Now I have 12+ months clean. I am working, saving for a new car, and I am trying to find a place to live for me and my daughter. The people in the house and the peer supports have taught me a lot about the brain re-wiring and addiction. Other people's stories help me to see that I am not alone. The peers were helpful with resources, getting me to and from places, events, and making sure I stay clean. They gave me hope and my mother’s trust back.

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